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Category: Lekki/Ajah
The BIG Idea!
Posted by admin on 7 Apr, 2011
Our God is a God of BIG Ideas. Ideas that transcend our rational minds and yet are so engrained, we are unable to dislodge them from our hearts. 

In Acts 1, the disciples even after haven seen the risen Lord and believed again, could still not grasp the Big Idea behind His birth, passion and resurrection. They asked “would you now restore the kingdom to Israel?”  Rather than leave them in the narrow terrain of their minds, He declared to them “You shall receive power… and be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth”. It was such a BIG IDEA they could hardly have grasped it at the time, for Jerusalem to them was not really home but the place of their failing and vulnerability, their seeming scattering when their Master was taken away from them and where they were easily identified by their different tongue. 

Yet they were to be witnesses unto a Risen and Ascended Lord who, though was God, walked the earth as Man and died that Man may be reconciled to God. But because this was of God, it endured and these group of “unlearned fishermen” went on to turn their world upside down and transformed the course of History as we now know. 

Friend, we are invited in this season to dialogue about the BIG IDEAS of God for us. What do they mean, what is He saying and what would He have us do? It would need that we transcend the realms of our rational minds, to be able to peer into the depths of Faith to have a glimpse, as through a glass, what His BIG IDEAS for us are.  We must do this so that we too may keep our charge, be faithful as stewards and see our world transformed. 

So join us as we dialogue about the BIG IDEA! 
 (Credits: Joel Edwards, Micah Challenge)
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Comment by ochuko on Saturday 23 Apr, 2011 at 9:50 AM
The Big Ideas of God have time and again altered the course of History. Like David observed in Psalm 8, It is humbling to note that God in the midst of His greatness and awesome power, would choose to yet acquaint Himself, with little and insignificant man, placing on our shoulders the responsibility of executing His Big Ideas What a mighty and yet loving God!!!
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