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Message for the week

Higher Ground

Am moving on the upward way, new heights am gaining every day / Still praying as am upward bound, Lord plant my feet on Higher ground  / Lord, lift me up and let me stand, By faith on heaven’s table land / A higher plane than I have found, Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Along our way on life's journey, there are critical junctions or periods, when we hear a call to “Higher ground”. They are circumstances or situations in our lives which provide a step change for us in our upward journey. John unable to die before his time is banished to the island of Patmos and here (Rev 4:1) he is called up to higher ground. Here his horizontal vision is transformed to eternal views. Zaccheaus in his bid to see Jesus had a sycamore tree to take him to higher ground (Luke 19:1-10). What is your higher ground today? What is the Lord calling you to do? – Is it salvation or a call to ministry? Is it a decision to be made or even a reconciliation you once thought impossible? Higher ground could be different things for different people. 

Also, at times on our journey, when we are overwhelmed with circumstances around us, when the obligations on us or even with the weight of ministry seem so heavy we are unable to move on, we have the wonderful privilege of being able to ask to be led to Higher Ground (Psalm 61:1-2). We can make a case to catalyse the process to higher ground! 

Will you move to higher ground today?

My heart has no desire to stay, where doubts arise and fears dismay / Though some my dwell where those abound, my prayer my aim is Higher ground / Lord lift me up and let me stand, by faith on Heavens table land / A higher plane, than I have found, Lord Plant my feet on Higher ground
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