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Focused Activity Group (Daniels International)


Every generation is blessed with her great minds in whose hands the fate of their world rests. The development of these minds ultimately determines the dimension (positive or negative) in which they affect their times. In a generation like ours, whose thinking has evolved and now revolves around an information super highway, the ways of God seem obsolete and too slow. When they consider our environment they conclude that God was and no longer is and thus create a void for forces of evil to latch unto, thereby truncating their potential with the ultimate aim of destroying or limiting their contribution to society. God is therefore looking for people who would be groomed to stand in the gap for their generation with Godly leadership.

God is looking for people that would do the things of God in the ways of God for the glory of God. They must be people not bound by denomination or creed but with one faith, one Lord and one task. They must be people who have excelled in their various endeavours, people with like vision, like spirit, like world-view and like commitment. They must be people with proven capabilities and skills who when given access to influence would stand up for Jesus and tilt the tide of events around them in the direction of God.

This is the vision of Daniels International. It is a vision to raise a body of believers who like Daniel can stand with a holy and blameless personal testimony to positively impact their society. It finds its roots in the life of the biblical Daniel who knew God intimately and influenced his peers and society for righteousness through Godly leadership.

The vision is about raising and providing Godly leadership in our setting and society.  It is one expression of an Ideology for leadership in our times with a target audience for purposeful spiritual and physical work.  It is about raising people with a concern for the health of society. People with a vision to see God reign in their generation and a burden to leave a legacy of righteousness for their children, posterity and generations to come

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