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Focused Activity Group (Potters Place)


Everything has a season and every purpose has a time noted the preacher (Eccl 3:1). While “things” are repeatable in re-occurring seasons, purposes have set times in which they are required to operate. God is a God of purpose with a divine program set across the ages (Ps 33:11) and works to fulfill His program through His children. Unfortunately a lot of God’s children are, by lack of knowledge, unable to clearly identify their purpose in the time and place they find themselves. They thus stand the risk of missing out of God’s plan for their lives and robbing the environment in which they live of the gift and blessing God has put in them.

The Lord has placed a burden in our hearts to reach out and bring together young men & women, in their prime with a specific focus of discovering, equipping & liberating their God given talents in order to make a positive impact in the church and society in which they live. The burden is to provide a forum by which these “searching” ones can

i. Discover their purpose in God. Be able to clearly identify the tasks and roles God has called them to play in the context of the time, age and location they currently find themselves.

ii. Equip them, within a specific time frame, with the fundamental knowledge and basic tools to thereafter be able to release themselves into effective service for God in their “Jerusalem”.

iii. To catalyse their minds to hatch out a SMART plan that would translate the calling the Lord has placed in their spirits into a vision, and be in a position to set off on the mission with possible synergies from like minded brethren, that will ultimately deliver tangible results for the blessing of the society in which they live and bring Glory to God.


The expectation by faith is the coming together of a dynamic small group that

i. Would be committed in going through the required materials for building themselves up, would be disciplined in making the agreed meeting times and schedules, ready to contribute to the discussions and be prepared to stay the course to the program.

ii. Would function as a 2nd family to one another, providing support and the elements one needs to learn by experience, would connect and be open to one another, willing to talk to each other about their experiences and be accountable and answerable to each other

iii. Would have an open mindset to what God wants to do in their lives, be willing to give up rigid patterns of interaction and allow God to take them where they have never been.

Content Outline

i. Knowing Your Purpose (3 sessions) - What your purpose is and is not, who you are, your temperament, personality & passion (what you hear the Lord saying).

ii. Equipping (4-6 sessions) - Decisions & discipline, faith, values & commitments, attitudes, thinking & priorities, relationships, family & health, finances & generosity.

iii. Visioning (1-3 Sessions) - Planning, communication, strategy & team working, vision sharing.

For further details, contact Ernest Osifo, Ochuko Erivwo or Nora Ojo at 08055575745 / 08070363096 or 08138110395

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