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About Us

Our Vision

The Christian Alliance is a vision to bring together God’s children, to enable them accomplish what God has called them individually to do. 

It is a burden to link up with one another and provide a support system for each other, from a pure heart, forming a place of refuge for all. Eschewing competition and operating with 21st century tools, they encourage each other on the individual paths the Lord has set each one. 

Though they are called into diverse works in different areas, they together form an alliance for Christ, complimentary to the Church, serving to advance the cause of God’s kingdom and making the body of Christ deeper and stronger. They are committed members of their churches, but are not bound by denomination or creed and in one faith are signed up to live a life of significance in the fulfillment of His purpose. 

They are people of integrity, of faith and of a clear burden for the work of the kingdom. They are determined to live the kingdom lifestyle even in the small things of life and aspire to preach the gospel by the epistle of their lives. Even when they slip, they arise, dust themselves and press on, staying faithful to their call until they see their world impacted and changed. In the end they serve God’s purpose in the stirring of the hearts of men to discern His word. 

Friend, if you sense a burden in your spirit, if you feel or hear the Lord calling you to the task of the season, then join us, make yourself available and be part of what God is doing.

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